New Hardware, Final Part

Things have sorted out. It was rough and tough, but the

Galaxy GF6800GTFujitsu Siemens P19-2Sennheiser PC 150

I decided to go with the Galaxy card because of its powerful but low noise Glacier cooling system. The GPU runs at 370 MHz core speed, which is a bit faster than the standard 350 MHz. Memory clock speed 1.000 MHz remains unchanged. My 3DMark05 score improves from 1.859 to 4.838 (value for money: 12 3DMarks/EUR -> 16 3DMarks/EUR). Have a closer look here.

Concerning the TFT, I changed my mind the 2nd time. I had a closer look at the NEC 1970GX and found that it’s glossy screen turns the monitor into a mirror, making it completely useless. Because of the excellent Buyer’s Guide and forums, I decided to get the Fujitsu Siemens display. 19″ really is huge !

Finally, my not-so-old headset’s microphone started making noises and made the lads go bananas (esp. KBA), so I had to get a new one as well. The Sennheiser PC 150 seemed perfect, turns out is very comfy to wear and has really got some bass !

Fooling away my money, I spent 299 + 500 + 53 = EUR 852 on new hardware. Thank you very much for your support and patience (!):

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