Shiny New Layout

After 2 days of trial and error customising the excellent Giraffe theme version 1.20 (UrbanGiraffe), I decided to go online with it.

I picked it for its straight design and the fluid width. Running the 1280×1024 resolution, I began to hate my old design for its fixed width (so 800×600 would work). Looking at my server logfiles, nearly no one uses the 800 resolution anymore. Now, changing browser window size makes the page’s width up-/ downscale. Nice.

Unfortunately, some things still don’t work:

  1. Logo gfx in the header is a transparent PNG which f*ckin‘ IE does not display properly. The new theme should serve IE users a GIF version, but this does not seem to work at this point. Sadly, 51% of my visitors still use IE (just why ??), and really get an ugly header.
  2. Gravatars don’t work. These avatars are enhancing comments area very much, so I will try to sort this out as well.
  3. The theme is not showing any „Older Posts“ at the bottom of the page. (No idea what happened there…)
  4. I will probably have archives by year, not by month. Edit: Archives only list the number of configured posts for the main page and are therefore incomplete (bug !?)
  5. The XSPF music player is gone for the moment. It will make a return when WordPress & plugins & themes get AJAX– pimped, so continous play while browsing the posts becomes possible.

Thank you for reading. 🙂

0:23 Uhr… Ich muss ins Bett. Leute, lest die englische Version !


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