The Morris Thompson Incident

Morris ThompsonYesterday, 15:25, this website got a pagehit from, referring to the query words „Morris Thompson“.

Well – I don’t know no Morris Thompson and I was pretty sure he had nothing to do with my site. But then I checked again, and found this old post.

But still: Who would search German Google for Morris Thompson, and then look at the ~35 ranked result ?

Anyway, this is a very suspicious matter and I started an immediate investigation: Turns out that guy really died in a plane crash years ago, and probably really was a rich man.

My visitor had a look only at my root page and then left after 30 secs, surely because there was no sight of Mr. Thompson on the frontpage anymore. Finally, I looked up the logged IP address which is used by Deutsche Telekom.

At this point, I decided to close the case. If anyone has further conspiracy theories, please feel free to post a comment. 🙂

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